Jackson County Golf Club

JACKSON COUNTY GOLF CLUB was organized in te late 1980's.

It's purpose is to bring together people who like to play golf, but do not belong to a conventional club.

We have regular scheduled tournaments every Monday and outings most Thursdays.  We also have a 27 hole club

championship tournament each October.

We are recognized by the USGA as a     'GOLF CLUB WITHOUT REAL ESTATE' .

Our handicaps are USGA approved through the CGA.  Members receive a handicap after submitting score cards

for 20 rounds

                                            TO SUBMIT SCORES FOR HANDICAP

Mail to:     JCGC

                 PO Box 791

                 Sylva, NC       28779

Email to:     tomtabor345@gmail.com

See " Equitable Stroke Control"      for info about ESC